Projects - past and present

Here are a few of the projects that The Sustainable Trust are or have been involved with:

  • Restoration of Carwynnen Quoit, scheduled ancient monument 396. Archaeological investigations and education and outreach events will be held here.
  • Removal of Rhododendron to alleviate the risk of 'sudden oak death' in Fox Grove and the Dandelion Wood at Luxulyan.
  • Co-ordination of the ‘Ditch the Plastic-Make Helston Fantastic’ Campaign, aiming to be the first town in Cornwall to go Plastic Bag Free. See http://helstonbagfree/index.html
  • Rejuventating Crenver Grove, the Dandelion Trust Nature Refuge. Opening it to the public for education and ecotherapy.Green woodworking courses are held here.
  • Delivery of medical aid to the tsunami stricken orphans at Peraliya, Sri Lanka in February 05
  • An ongoing programme of recovery at Madampagama, a neglected coastal village a few miles further north.
  • A digital short for Electric December illustrating how the children of Lanlivery School could make sustainable Christmas presents and cards. This school has a sustainable classroom with a "green" sedum roof and an organic garden.
  • A travelling exhibition of sustainable building, publicity and supply of interior effects for the RuralZED, a zero carbon development at "The Sky's the limit".
  • "Reinventing Rubbish" an exhibition of Arts and Crafts made from waste, held in Camborne with free art workshops for children, at half term.