Welcome to the Sustainable Trust

The Sustainable Trust was formed by and for a group of people including voluntary groups and small businesses working in association with each other to improve the understanding and implementation of sustainable practices. Building on the principles of Local Agenda 21, recommended at the first Earth Summit we think globally and act locally to conserve natural resources, and effect small changes to our environment. 

The Sustainable Trust

The Sustainable Trust was granted charitable status in spring 2002. We believe that in order to minimise the environmental impact of our actions, we must be concerned with food production, waste, transport, buildings, communities and health. All these things have a bearing on our enjoyment and quality of life, and an effect on those who will follow us here.

We manage 45 Hectares of historic Estate woodland for the Dandelion Trust, helped by volunteers. We plant where we can, and have had trees planted in Sri Lanka for us in recognition of our post tsunami work there. In 2009 we acquired a 5 acre site at Carwynnen containing a ruined megalithic monument.